It doesn’t feel 2018 is in sight, of course there are many lessons that we can take from 2017, including financial experiences that play a role for you. Greet 2018 better by doing smart ways to manage personal finance, so that financial health is better maintained. See the ways here:

Always adhere to the budget that has been made

The smart way to manage your personal finances will certainly not be separated from the budget. You must really make a monthly budget that has been considered. Starting from daily food expenses, electricity and water bills , home affairs repairs (if any), to entertainment expenses (if there is still money left over). Do not forget, of course, before arranging this all you have to set aside money for savings and emergency funds first, so that the storage flow is maintained. Back again in terms of expenditure, you must make a commitment that in 2018 you will be more committed to the budget that has been made. This often becomes an obstacle due to the many lifestyles that are forced to be followed in social life. If habits like this are constantly being done, it is not impossible that you can be more wasteful. So, stick to the monthly budget that has been made.

Cut Finances As Much As You Can

As much or as small as the monthly income that you can get, you will always find it difficult to save and manage finances if you always spend money on an equal income, or even exceed your income. Try to cut your finances more regularly, trim it as carefully as possible. Always pay attention if there are promotions that you can use to cut expenses, whether through the seller coupon (Fave, DealJava) application, collecting points or rewards from shopping cards, cooperation between your membership in a certain place with certain merchants , etc. .

Start saving planning

Many people just put aside, because they always think that they don’t have enough money to save . “I have spent too much, so it seems impossible to save,” this is really unfortunate because you should set aside 10-30% of monthly income to save. The rest of the savings are then allocated to expenditure. Do not leave, but set aside money to save.

Insurance Review You Have

Insurance is an important asset that you must have , check again whether you already have insurance, especially health insurance that can protect you and all family members. Insurance functions for emergency times, so you no longer have to worry about financial problems for crucial fields such as health. If you still have more funds, don’t hesitate to enroll in life insurance, child education, and liability insurance. Especially for health insurance, of course it can protect the family, if there is a disaster that causes death or permanent disability. If you want a cheap one, you can use BPJS Kesehatan.

Review of the Assets You Have

This needs to be done at least once a year, especially when it will start reporting taxes to the Government. Rewrite assets in the form of a house, car, or any asset that you still have and walk. By having an asset record like this, you can use it in an emergency, for example approximately to estimate how much money you have and which assets can be sold to save emergency conditions.

Regularly Paying Credit Card & KTA Debt Bill

If you still have credit cards or loans in the form of KTA that are still running, make sure to always pay the bills regularly. The default payment of both types of loans can of course have an impact on your financial health. Not only do you have to pay a larger nominal and make the budget fall apart, you also get the impact of a bad IDI Historical credit score and are no longer trusted by Bank Indonesia to be given a loan.

If when you start 2018 you still have arrears that have not been repaid, this is the time to start managing your finances and formulate a strategy in paying off arrears in 2018. Actually the safest way to start closing credit cards and paying off arrears is to use a credit card debt management program .

Here are some programs that you can get:

One-time discount / discount

This type of relief program allows customers to reduce their total debt to smaller amounts. As the name implies, even though the customer gets a discount in his debt (generally 20-50%), they must pay directly in one payment. In some cases, this one relief program can give cardholders a discount of up to 70%.

Extended Installments with Low Interest

Unlike the discount program in one pay, this one program is suitable for those of you who are financially less. In short, customers who have credit card arrears or KTA arrears can extend their installment tenure to be lighter, the interest earned is lower than the prevailing interest rate in general. If the normal interest currently running is in the range of 2.25%, then it is possible to get interest of only 0-2%.

Installment Discounts

Another program with this one, this type of program is a combination of the two types of programs above, namely customers get a discount and the remaining payments can be made in installments. The bank will also see the conditions experienced by the customer first. If the customer has supporting conditions that make it more difficult to pay off the debt, then it is likely that they can get this program (provided that the bank in question has the program).

This relief program can be obtained from a trusted credit card closing service, which can help you in developing a strategy to be free from credit card debt and KTA. Not only helps the closure process, you can also be helped in the repayment process so you can start a new start, live without debt. Usually services like this also do not provide grandiose promises, only it will ensure that the card owner can be completely free of debt and responsible for the remaining arrears he has. With services like this, you can usually be helped by strategies that free you from debt. This certainly saves your time and energy dealing with the bank.

One of the services you can use is Algernon. The Algernon team is trusted and will guide you from the beginning of the process to getting a letter of payment in full from the bank. The three programs above certainly can help you to be free from debt faster. To get these programs, you can directly contact the more experienced parties such as consultants. One of the professional debt consulting services that you can use is Algernon.

Algernon international   is the first technology-based professional services company in Indonesia, which provides a debt management program. This program is designed so that consumers who are in debt, have the ability to control their finances again. Algernon Indonesia helps clients through debt management programs, specifically designed to suit different needs for each client. This program is a combination of education on various opportunities to increase income and reduce expenditure, as well as conduct negotiation processes on existing bank debt requirements to reach the amount of payment that is in accordance with the ability. Algernon Indonesia head office was established in Jakarta in 2015 by a founding team that has collective experience in the financial sector including debt settlement for more than two decades. Algernon made Indonesia as the center of operations as well as a blueprint for the company’s development plan to other ASEAN countries. Since July 2016, Algernon Indonesia has become the first company in Asia to get   accreditation   from the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).

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