Step by step how to mine Money

Following the emergence of Bitcoin, the pioneer in the digital money market, new virtual currencies began to emerge and gain momentum among miners, such as Monero. However, unlike the most famous model, performing the mining of this criptomoeda has some peculiarities, so many have no idea how to mine Monero.

Monero was created in 2014 and appeared in the market with some innovations, bringing the attention of some applicators and, especially, miners to this new digital currency. The main difference between bitcoin and Monero is in the operating code of both, which is also the main attraction of this digital money.

How to mine Money?

  • Regardless of which currency you choose to mine, you need the miner to meet some basic prerequisites. First, it must have in possession a card for insertion in computers and specific hardware, being able to use a common CPU to make the mining of the virtual currency.

Once you have the insertion card in hand, you will need to open a virtual wallet of Moneros, which will be used to store and protect the mined digital money through encryption. It is important to remember that the larger the number of systems used to encrypt the data, the safer the wallet will be.

The prospective miner may also join with other miners or developers who already do virtual currency mining to gain more knowledge about mining that currency.

  • It is worth downloading the largest number of programs to mine the cryptomeda, having free and open source options, such as EasyMiner.

After you finish downloading, you will need to install and configure the program where you can start mining, learning in practice how to mine Monero, evaluating the computer rhythm, its performance in relation to the volume of coins obtained per period and the results presented by the software of installed mining ..

However, it is extremely important that the new miner reminds himself of the care he must take with the machine he is using to mine the cryptomeo. The computer that was used for the mining will be slowed by the program’s action, besides being able to overheat, directly affecting the profits obtained with the currency.

  • In addition, controlling the machine’s temperature and power expenditure is very important in order not to have detriment affecting the functionality of the computer. Finally, it is necessary that the miner does the work of verifying the profits obtained with the mining, discounting what was spent for maintenance and assembly of the computer, being able to know if the activity is profitable.

Why invest in Money?

As it was said at the beginning of the text, the Monero has a code different from the most famous competitor of the sector, Bitcoin, it operates in XMR. This enables the security involved in the cryptomoeda to be much larger than that offered by other digital currencies, including Bitcoin itself, which has open source with blockchain protection.

It is also worth remembering that because of the ease in its mining, which can be performed by conventional computers, Monero has become a kind of virtual currency accessible to all those who have an interest in crypto-coins. From experts in this type of investment to the curious and enthusiasts of virtual money.

  • Precisely because of its privacy and ease that Monero has grown a lot in recent years within the market of miners and buyers of digital coins. Because of the difference in virtual money codes, knowing how to mine Monero is essential for all those who work in this sector.

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